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Oregon Thespian Events


Thespis: A Leadership Summit
September 21, 2024
At Crater Renaissance Academy

This is an event for all Troupe 6012 Thespian officers, new and returning. Each Board is a new board, and this event brings each of the board members together for on weekend retreat of leadership training. This year, Southridge HS and Troupe 6012 has the honor of hosting the event in our building.  Current officers (elected just days before the event) will be attending this event, alongside the alumni officers. 


Thespis: A Leadership Summit teaches 1) each Thespian Troupe Officer his/her/their own personal leadership style, 2) how to understand and work with other leaders in their troupe, 3) practice problem-solving through a variety of challenges, and 4) make plans for the coming year, including troupe goal-setting. In general, this event lead by the Oregon Chapter State Thespian Officers is meant to be more “nuts and bolts” for Troupe Officers at the school level. It should result in officers understanding their role as a leader, specific goals to be determine by each troupe, plans for the coming year, prepare to share the troupe goals and connect them with the state goals. Also, State Thespian Officers develop and share their platforms and instruct the various workshops on leadership.

This event usually occurs at the end of August or beginning of September. Cost varies from year to year. 


October 7, 2023
Wilsonville HS

The Instant Theatre Festival (INSTAFEST) is a unique “competition” that provides the opportunity for students to meet and work with others from across the state in either performance or design. It’s a lighthearted day of fun competition and energetic theatre with some new stuff thrown in for good measure!

When you arrive, your group will be given a packet with slips of paper with different numbers on them. Each student gets a slip which assigns them to different teams which are made up of students from different schools. Some of the slips will be colored to designate a team leader. 

The teams meet for about a half-hour and work up a 4-minute scene based on a prop and/or prompt provided by the host school. The teams then present their scenes to different judges in different rounds, with different teams in each round.​ A new prompt and/or scenario is given in each round which will then need to be incorporated into the scene on the fly.  Teams have 1 minute to briefly discuss their scene, and will have 4 minutes to perform.


Students can also register in the DESIGN/TECH category and be placed in teams of technicians from other schools.  Together, this team will be faced with a design challenge and have an opportunity to present their work to judges.

After scores are tabulated five or six teams are selected to perform/present at finals in front of the entire. ​ Registration is required in advance. 

OR/WA Unifieds

Oregon Unified Auditions
No longer a separate event. 
This will be at STATE FESTIVAL

An event for Seniors to be seen by colleges and universities for performance or technical scholarships.

In order to participate and register, you must meet the criteria below.  

  1. Only Inducted Thespians who will graduate high school in Spring 2021 may audition for college and university programs at OR/WA State Thespian Unified College Audition.

  2. Have your School Counselor complete your GPA, class rank and enrollment, and sign the Verification Form. For college and university auditions, a minimum 2.75 grade point average is required. Use this information in the online form. Bring the original signature page to audition check-in.

  3. You will fill out and submit the application form online. Follow rules for the application form. You will upload your ONE PAGE resume and a photo or headshot.

  4. For more specific information on preparing for the Tech Auditions, click on the Guide to Technical Theatre Auditions.

  5. This is individual registration by the auditioner. All Fees, and responsibilities rest on the auditioner. Fees are non-refundable. 


Oregon Thespians
Thespys Competition - Performance
February 1, 2025
At GRANT HS - Portland

The Regional Acting Competition is the largest Oregon Thespians event, involving a large number of students participating in three regions around the state. In the context of Oregon Thespians’ annual roster of events, this is the first step in a student’s effort to be selected to participate in the State Thespian Excellence (Thespys™) Showcase during the State Festival, and qualify to participate in the International Thespian Excellence Awards Showcase auditions at the International Thespian Festival in June.

Schools participate in one of three regional events: Northwest, Northeast, and Southern. The dividing line between the North and South is the 45th parallel (just north of Salem). The dividing line in the North between the East and West is Interstate 5. Schools can only participate outside their region by special arrangement (due to transportation issues, for instance).

Oregon Thespians
Thespys Competition - Design/Technical
February 1
,  2025 
Grant HS - Portland

Optional Design/Tech Theatre Feedback at Regionals


Students who plan to enter in a Design/Tech Category at State can bring (or send) their entry to Regionals, where it will receive initial feedback. If you would like to participate in the Early Entry Design/Tech Feedback program, you need to register with your Troupe’s Regionals registration.  Then, you just need to get your entry to your Regionals site. 


This remains an entirely optional opportunity, as we continue to explore the possibilities of a Design/Tech presence on the Regional level.​​

Judges will provide feedback to Design/Tech competitors based on each event’s requirements. It is meant to provide student designers with an opportunity to get initial feedback on their completed projects, for both required elements and their design, PRIOR to submitting it for actual competition at State.

You are NOT required to submit work at Regionals for feedback in order to compete at State. You MAY compete at State WITHOUT submitting work at Regionals. Regionals is ONLY meant for additional feedback PRIOR to submitting your work for actual judging.

Oregon Thespians
Thespys Competition  and State Festival
April 3, 4 & 5, 2025
At Salem Convention + other venues

The State Festival is the signature event for Oregon Thespians. It is attended by over 1500 theatre students and teachers from around the state and features several main stage productions, dozens of one act plays, workshops and presentations. To attend with our Troupe is an honor and privilege, not a birthright. 

Schools may apply to have one of their Main Stage Productions featured at the conference as one of the top high school shows of the year.  All troupes attending are expected to participate in some significant way by  bringing  one-act plays or scenes to showcase in the One Act Marathon, or host a room, or event at state festival. Workshops are offered by local and national theatre professionals and college students and professors.

The qualifying top 10% in each category from the Regional Acting Competitions audition for the State Showcase at the State Conference.  In addition, Design/Technical Theatre adjudication is also conducted, including a range of events in which students can receive recognition at the state level, and advance for adjudication and recognition at the National level.

High school students in grades 9-12, their theatre teachers, and chaperones are welcome at the conference. The registered Troupe Director MUST attend with the delegation, with designated adult Troupe chaperone (with approval from their school who must be (21 years or older). All students must be chaperoned by an adult for the entire weekend of the conference.

State Fest

International Thespian Festival and Thespys Competition  

While not directly considered an Oregon Thespian event, the International Festival is our parent organization's (EdTA) largest event  and growing yearly (2020 is an exception due to covid).  This festival is attended by over 5000 theatre students and teachers from around the nation and the globe and  features several main stage productions, dozens of one act plays, workshops and presentations. Troupe 6012 attends this festival ocassionally, funding permitting. To attend ITF representing Troupe 6012 is an honor and privilege, not a birthright.

Chapters are allowed to bring their superior rankings in Performance and Design/Tech Competitions (which consists of 5 minutes of the week).  All troupes attending are expected to participate in the festival, by attending workshops, regularly attending the main stage performances, and adhering to the Thespian Creed - "Act Well Your Part there all the honor lies."  Workshops are offered by national and international theatre professionals and college students and professors.​

High school students in grades 9-12, their theatre teachers, and chaperones are welcome at the conference whether you are competing in THESPYS or not. The registered Troupe Director MUST attend with the delegation, with designated adult Troupe chaperone (with approval from their school who must be 21 years or older and of the opposite gender). All students must be chaperoned by an adult for the entire week of the conference.

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