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I want to run for 


To run for a  council position the candidates MUST **


1) be an active thespian in good standing and uphold thespian creed.

2) attend 90% of meetings during the year, prior to candidacy.

3) actively participate in at least 3 productions (usher does not fulfill active

    participation  requirement)

4) attend 2/3* of thespian Oregon Thespian Events the troupe attends

              (Instant Theatre/Regionals/State)

               *must attend all if Instant Theatre does not occur due to time or distance. 

5) attend 2/3 of scheduled troupe events

6) submit Declaration of Candidacy  and application with the current council by

      designated deadline

7) currently enrolled in at least one theatre class and will enroll for upcoming                       year elected. 

8) complete teacher feedback/response form and grade check form.

9) attend induction/election evening and make 2-3 minute candidacy speech

        and Q & A

10) after elected, officer must enroll as T/A; Peer Tutor or Independent                                    Study Class, active theatre class, or in Theatre Leadership for the year (currently          developing a Theatre Leadership class for fall 2021) 

11) Able to meet the above requirements? Print and complete the forms provided.

(**Adjustments may be allowed due to existing situations beyond the departments' control.)

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