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To become active card-holding member* of the International Thespian Society a student must fulfill the following requirements: 

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1) Document ten (10) thespian points = 100 hours (Of these 10 points  2 points must be work party/tech related AND  no more than 5 points may be non- school theatre work)

2) Attend at least 2/3 or 65% of the thespian meetings (regular or make up) during the current year.


3) Involved in at least one (1) production during the year inducted (ushering does not constitute as "involvement") OR Participation in one (1) State Thespian Event.

4) Participate actively in the theatre program by

a) being a member of the cast or crew for a production or event

b) participating in work parties

c) being actively involved in the school theatre program

d) attending productions in school or at other venues

e) bringing 6 points from your MS Thespian Troupe 

f) recording your own points accurately


5) pay your $35  (it has increased) lifetime thespian membership fee upon induction (required to become an active thespian).


6) Have paid your $85 Participation fee in full (1 fee for entire year).


NOTE* You may lose "active membership" status of the troupe if you do not continue ongoing participation in the department (ie- not attending meetings after becoming inducted and paying your fee. OR you have not paid the $30 membership fee at the time of inductions.)

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