Thanks for inquiring. Many times parents think this is "just the kid's thing." However, that is far from the case. SRHS Theatre thrives on many volunteers helping out with the program. We have places for everyone.  

Where you can help- 


          WORK PARTIES  - Building the set/costumes/painting, etc. These occur nearly every            Saturday, and sometimes during the rehearsal periods..depending upon the urgency              of the project.

          BOX OFFICE - Working the front desk for every show and prior to show for set time             periods- Contact Trish Farmer for working the Box office. 

          HOUSE MANAGER -  Working the lobby prior to show and during intermission,                   organizing and assisting the ushers with patrons, and providing for the specials                     needs of patrons. Contact Trish Farmer for working as the House Manager.

          CONCESSIONS/KUDOS - Working with acquiring, and running concession and                 kudos for productions.

          COSTUME TEAM - Designing, sewing and constructing costumes for the shows -               mainly  the musical but the straight shows need costumes this year too.

          POSTER RUNS- Getting posters for the productions out three weeks prior to                       opening of the show (businesses are more responsive to adults for some reason).

          RUNNERS - Picking up supplies, costumes, misc. needs for the program. Since the             director teaches all day, it is nice to have a parent or two who can do running and pick           ups as needed.

          PUBLICITY - Working with getting shows "out there" and to the various medias and             working with our thespian Publicists to promote.

          FUNDRAISING -Working with the students and companies to increase our                             fundraising for the program. If  you know or work with a business who is willing to                 work with our program, let us know.

           PROGRAM ADVERTISING - Working with businesses to build our playbill through            paid advertising in the playbill (program). We are seeking an additional season                        sponsor as well as show sponsors.  

           DRIVING - Transporting a small group of students to and from events. We need                      many drivers for State, and Improv festival. 

If you have another question, please feel free to contact the director at 

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