TTO  5

- Must be a Thespian in Good Standing and uphold thespian creed 

- In charge of all money intake (for events, reigonals, state, shirts) including maintaining

         receipts of payments

- Works with Secretary or another designated person to account and maintain money


- Develops and maintains an accounting system to track funds and be accountable to ASB  


- Works closely with School Athletics Secretary (Jorgine Cummings) to collect and ensure all  

          participants have paid activity fees.

- Works with School Bookkeeper (Michele Fideler) to make sure all students are recorded correctly

          for payments 

- Works with sponsor to develop Scholarship opportunities and communicates with Bookkeeper

- Collects and accounts all money for thespian events, and organizes the meals and lunches for

          occasional work parties during musical.

- Collects money involved with STARgazing event (even if not a Junior)

- Assists with money collection for fund raising events 

- Makes contact with fundraising businesses, works with Publicity for Promotions of Fundraising 


- If not on cast or crew for production - works as Student Box Office coordinator with Box office Moms.

- Collects and tallies shirt orders while working with Publicist in charge of Merchandise.

-Maintains Holiday Traditions/Activities as Snow Pal/Val Pal/Ugly Sweater/Potlucks/BYOP

- Attends Thespian Activities

- Attends Thespian Events

ALL Officers

-attend all meetings (board /General

-maintain a solid GPA

- complete required grade checks

-maintain active thespian status through entire year

-develop 'pet project' with council 

-follow through on all commitments

-always represent SRHS Theatre

-adhere to Theatre Code of Conduct

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