- Must be a thespian in Good Standing and uphold the thespian Creed.

- Devises a means for and takes accurate roll at all thespian club and board meetings  

        (required for maintaining office, New Thespian inductions and officer elections)

- Major Event Cooordinator (calls hosts of events for confirmation) 

- Works with VP to coordinate Thespian Events, transportation,etc. 

- Takes minutes (notes) at meetings - posts in visible location

- Updates Social media posts and connects the sponsor with all the posts

- Provides communication to all Parents of active Thespians, casts, and crews of productions, as well            as provide communication to Sponsor, Administration, and Staff.

- Minutes posted (facebook, twitter, website, on call board, copy to sponsor)

- Create and send Break a leg o grams to fellow thespian troupes and non-thespian troupes

- Implement and maintain Inter-Troupe PenPal Project

- Develop, organize and record ONE's (Opening Night Encouragements) for all major productions.

-Organize Secret Snow pal

- Organize VAL PAL

- Runs Make up Meeting on Wednesday Morning 7 am (or regularly scheduled time) for Absentees

           from Thespian Meeting with the VP

-Attends Thespian Activities

ALL Officers

-attend all meetings (board/General)

-maintain a solid GPA

- complete required grade checks

-maintain active thespian status through entire year

-develop 'pet project' with council 

-follow through on all commitments

-always represent SRHS Theatre

-adhere to Theatre Code of Conduct

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