Theatre Ensemble – full year


Grades -  11, 12 (Only)

Terms offered – Fall –  Spring

Course Duration –two semesters

Course completion -1 year - May be repeated for new experience

Prerequisite – approval is required; AND must complete Acting I, Acting II, Theatre Design I and II (or complete 60 hours of documented work party); Stagecraft, and have been involved in at least one Mainstage Production before acceptance to class.

Repeatable – yes 


Do the workings of the theatre world interest you? Does developing  your audition skills, performance skills, design and construction skills interest  you? Does working in an ensemble situation while learning give you a sense of satisfaction when the project is complete?  Do you want to discover a new world of the theatre arts in regions beyond the Western Theatrical styles?  This class is geared to open doors to a world of theatre that usually is only studied by the IB Students.  ENSEMBLE building is encouraged as to enroll in this course the coursework focuses on the creation of theatre daily - journals, readings, scripts, research and practice proposals and theatrical creation. 

ENSEMBLE THEATRE STUDENTS are EXPECTED and REQUIRED to maintain an active journal, complete Monthly check in and Indepedent projects equal to the IB requirements, and read at least 1 play (1 full length or 2 -1 acts per week).

ENSEMBLE THEATRE STUDENTS are expected and required to work independently, and collaboratively in a variety of areas. During this course a student will not solely be an actor, a designer, or builder- The student will be all of these, as a student must be a total theatre student who is not limited by what he/she believes is their ONLY strength.  

ENSEMBLE THEATRE STUDENT will be able to earn PCC dual credit. There is a higher level of expectation in both work ethic, play reading, and performance. This course will take on the appearance of an Advanced Acting Class as  we travel through the eras looking at both historical context and performance styles. 

Ensemble Theatre


A creative collection that includes

playwrights, actors, directors, designers, costumers, builders, lighting technicians, stagecrew, sound technicians, and more, 

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