IB THEATRE – SL – 1 year (suggested as 2 year process)


Grades -  11, 12 (ONLY)

Terms offered – Fall –  Spring

Course Duration –two semesters

Course completion - two years (4 semesters)

Prerequisite – approval is required; plan to take the test. 

Repeatable – yes to earn a HL Theatre

Testing is recommended

Theatre around the globe interest you? Do you want to discover a new world of the theatre arts in regions beyond the Western Theatrical styles?  Indian, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, Bunraku, puppetry of the ancient cultures are all considered. This class is a highly independent course, depending upon the number of students who enroll in the class. Standard Level Test completion is encouraged to enroll in this course as the coursework focuses on the testing and creation of daily theatre journals, readings, scripts, research and practice proposals and theatrical creation. IB theatre traditionally requires 2 years to complete the necessary requirements and studies to be prepared for the IB Exam. An active Journal (digital and hard copy) must be maintained throughout the course. During the 2016-17School year, IB students will be main contributers for Student projects inside and outside the classroom.

IB THEATRE STUDENTS are EXPECTED and REQUIRED to maintain an active Journal, complete monthly check in and Indepedent projects as per the IBO requirements. There is a textbook for the course that contains scripts and historical information of the scripts and eras, styles and traditions of theatre through the ages. It is highly recommended that a "serious" IB theatre Student purchase BROCKETT'S THEATRE HISTORY TEXTBOOK - any older edition is fine (locate this on Amazon.com).

IB Theatre 

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