Costume Design/Construction



Grades - 9, 10, 11, 12

Terms offered - Fall  / Spring

Course Duration – 1 semester

Prerequisite – None

Repeatable – yes

Required for Theatre Arts C/A

Do you like to work with your hands? Do you have a creative imagination? Have you ever looked at a "Cosplay" costumes and thought  "I COULD DO THAT!" Have you ever watched the movie, a television show, and noticed what the actors are wearing?   Do you like to sew or have interest in costume construction? Do you like a fast paced, on your feet,  and interactive class? This one semester course offers a variety of opportunities in the world of theatrical costumes.  Students will participate in costume shop safety work, developing skills in the costume room, learn effective stage costume construction skills, learn real-life skills to bring a plan to reality, learn how to work as a high level performance team to meet deadlines, work at own pace, and above all use sewing machines, sew, and earn creditials that will take you beyond the world of Southridge High School Theatre. Costume Design and costruction allows students to take charge of what interests them in the world of fashion and design, cosplay, stage costumes and basic wardrobe construction skills. 

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