Acting III is an as needed course in the acting curriculum. This is class is designed specifially for the students who wish to pursue acting -audition monologues (musical and solo) selecting the right monologue and more....


Grades - 10, 11, 12

Terms offered – Fall – / Spring

Course Duration –full year (as needed) 

Prerequisite – Instructor Approval- Sign up for Acting I during forecasting.

Repeatable – yes

Required for Theatre Arts Career academy as a capstone class.

Have you discovered you have a hidden talent of creating a character and becoming someone you are not?  Have you completed Acting 1 and Acting 2 and really want to develop your acting skills. Acting 3 is for you.  This course employs everything you have learned in theatre, your acting classes and your stage time.  This is the next level of acting.  Students are the advanced actors of Southridge. The expectation is memorization, performances and participation at a variety of venues, showcases, and auditions in the area and the state.  Through an interactive, hands-on, performance approach students with explore methods of acting in the classical, realistic, absurdist and improvisational  methods and scripts that are not explored in other classes. Students  will read, discuss, and perform a variety of theatre from many eras of theatre. Emphasis will be on creating believable characters and honoring the script and playwright, while exploring character development using many schools of thought in the craft of theatre. Students will be developing ensembles, duos and monologues throughout this course.  In addition, participants will engage in Musical Theatre, as well as  may be working with local professional actors, in a master class structure, at least once during this course.

Acting Classes - Acting III

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