The introductory class to high school acting strand. This is for first time actors and for experienced stage actors who have not taken a class.


Grades - 9, 10, 11, 12

Terms offered – Fall / Spring

Course Duration –1 Semester

Prerequisite – None - Interest in theatre arts 

Repeatable – yes

Required for Theatre Arts C/A 


Are you interested in improving your people skills? Are you interested in improving your acting skills? Do you want to look at the world of theatre through the eyes of an actor? Then Acting 1 is your class. Acting 1 will explore the essentials of acting for the stage including "how to get the part". Students will be actively participating in a safe environment  in this class and will be working with the script and creating characters for the stage. A variety of realistic acting styles and scenes , improvisation and theatre games will be explored throughout  the course. Students will become active viewers and participants in theatre. Styles of acting and techniques will be explored  in a hands on approach, and will be viewed via film and live performances.  Actors will read, discuss and perform in a variety of plays in class and use a variety of Realistic performance methods to create characters. Students will also explore acting for film and undertanding the differences in the concepts.

Acting Classes- Acting I

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