Jim Fewer

Artistic Director, Tech Director, Theatre Instructor,  ELA-10th Instructor

State Adult Thespian Board Member, State Tech/Design Competition Coordinator

Jim Fewer received his first taste of theatre in the third grade, and has not lost the desire to be involved in theatre ever since. Participating in many aspects of theatre, competitive speech debate and drama, and choir (small and large ensembles) in Montana, Jim continued to hone his skills in performance and presentation. 


Upon graduation Jim attended Northern Montana College (now MSU-Northern) and developed as a performer and educator under the guidance of Dr. Ron Fishli, Dr. Ann Demling and Dr. Jan Wiberg. Acting, singing, designing, stage managing, sound designing and constructing throughout college kept him busy as well as working on his Broadfield Major in English/Language Arts- completing the degree in four years and earning Departmental Distinction in the English Education Department. 


After graduation, Jim taught in several school districts in Montana and Oregon - Big Sandy and Park County in Montana, and North Bend, Coos Bay and finally Beaverton School District in Oregon, where he has been teaching and beginning year 14 at SRHS.

Jim later earned his Masters degree in Theatre Production from Central Washington University in June of 2001 under the supervision of the late Dr. Wes VanTassel, Brenda Hubbard (former local actress) and George Bellah.


Jim is entering his 31st year of teaching during the 2019-20 school year and shows no signs of tiring of his profession.  He is also excited that during this upcoming year, he will be teaching dual credit theatre classes with PCC - Stagecraft 2, Tech Theatre, and Theatre Ensemble (Acting 3). 


If you have any questions please contact him at  james_fewer@beaverton.k12.or.us. 

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