A letter may be earned in theatre. (requirements updated 2015)

Student must meet ALL of the following requirements:

A Letter is a honor that is earned, through perseverance in all aspects of being a member of Skyhawk Theatre and Troupe #6012. 

1) Involved in at least three (3) productions in one year (ushering and short term house Management does not constitute as "involvement") with paid participation fee.


2) Complete and document a minimum of 60 work party hours in one year (demonstration participation in both tech and on stage)

3) Earn a minimum of 45 Thespian Points in one year 


4) Attend 90% of the thespian meetings (meetings every Thursday; this includes Councils meetings on Monday if a council member)


5) Participate in at least one state sponsored Thespian Activity - 

Instant Theatre Festival,  Regional acting competition or State Conference


6) Attend a minimum of 90% of every class (NO unexcused Absences may be recorded)


7) Maintain a Solid GPA (3.0 or higher)  and have NO failing grades during the year considered for letter.

8) Attend and reflect (written) upon 3 productions outside SRHS (May 21 - May 20)

9) Paid activity fee, thespian dues, and all other fees for state events and other events.

10) Follow the Theatre Code of ethics with no disciplinary actions or exhibiting actions which do not represent the International Thespian Society are noted. Simply "ACT WELL YOUR PART."

11) Complete requirements for, be inducted to, and be a thespian in good standing in ITS and submit the Lettering Application prior to May 20th


To earn subsequent letters the individual must complete these requirements. More specific details contained in SRHS Theatre Handbook.

How to earn a letter in theatre

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