Journal Expectations

Rehearsal Schedule

The goal of ACTOR'S JOURNAL is to develop your analytical skills of understanding acting -- speech, voice and movement. Because of the personal nature of such a discipline as performance, this journal should contain your reflections on your class and life experiences, your difficulties, problems, and confusions; you have to learn how to evaluate your weaknesses and strengths.

In your journals I expect to see reflections on our readings and observations of public figures in our contemporary life, actors, your friends, etc. - what is impressive in their live presentations, why, when? If not on a daily basis, then at least three entries per week (300 words each) in your journal will give you a sense of progression in your performance. There will be three check point when your professor will read and comment on your journal. Your journal is a way to communicate with yourself and your teacher; it's confidential and won't be discussed in class. The first submission of this journal is before the break, second -- last day of classes.

Remember, this journal is your professional diary; use it as an important tool in self-improvement, as a working notebook and a true mirror. This is the place for questions and resolutions, for analysis and ideas. Your work on your projects should be written down in all its stages; from text analysis to the final script breakdown. Your journal is your "paper"; please write it in "readable" form. (the real winners are those who use computer!) In your observations of yourself and others, use our terminology as much as possible; try to be specific.

Make a habit of keeping this journal writing and keep this habit though your entire life.

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