Q - What is the $85 Participation fee?

        A- This is a district mandated fee for all students involved in the programs at SRHS and BSD                      Schools. Ask Jorgine Cummings for more details.

Q - Are there scholarships available for Participation fees? 


       A- Yes and No. There are limited scholarships available for this fee. However, contact                                  Jorgine Cummings  and she will work with you.  Usually she works out a payment plan or a                  partial payment as it creates a sense of ownership in the students if they pay even a little. But             Jorgine is the final person to help out with this. 

Q- My son/daughter is ill, what do I need to do?


        A - Thanks for asking this. The proper procedure is to contact the director personally. The parent              should contact the Director through an email message, and a direct phone call to the office. 

Q- My son/daughter is out sick for the day, does he/she come to rehearsal?

        A - On rare instances should a student who does not attend school for illness attend rehearsal. If              the director is not notified of the illness before 2:00 pm on a school day that student would be              expected to be at rehearsal. If a student is running a fever 100+ that student would not be                      welcome at rehearsals due to the possibility of infection of other cast members.   If a student                misses school for a Doctor, Dentist, Orthodontist, or specialist appointment, that student is                  expected to attend rehearsals.

If you have another question, please feel free to contact the director at james_fewer@beaverton.k12.or.us 


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