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Q-  My son/daughter wants to audition for a Straight Production. What do I expect?


      A-  The straight productions (fall and spring shows) involves one or two nights of auditions                     which are usually a cold read, that involves multiple opportunities to read a variety of                         characters with a variety of teams. 

            The musical has 4 different parts of the audition as follows:

             Day 1 - Vocal Audition - Select a side (selection of music from the show - choices                                            provided) and then sign up for a time on the vocal slot  posted on here.  This is only                            a single 7 minute slot. Arrive 15 - 20 minutes before scheduled slot - check in and                                have your head  shot taken in Black  Box. Warm up in Choir Room. When called to                              stage, do your thing. Then you are done for day one.

             Day 2 - Acting -Sides are available online. Usually this audition is posted in reading                                         /audition teams. So that many people are able to read a greater variety of parts.

             Day 3 - Dance - This is the most physically intense portion of the audition  process.                                         Wear comfortable clothes that your son/daughter is able to move in. Wear jazz                                     shoes or light shoes that your son/daughter can move feet in and not stick to floor,                             and also protect feet. Students will be asked to stretch, learn dance steps, and                                     demonstrate ability to pick up and lean steps quickly. Note: Wear sweats, jazz pants,                           and tee shirts  (legs, shoulders and belly covered). 

             Day 4 - CALL BACKS - This is the final stage. On dance night, the callbacks will be                                           announced. Students advance to callbacks have  earned the privelege to be seen                                and heard again. Prep the music provided and prove why you  want to be a part of                              the musical.


Q-  What is the time commitment to the theatre program?


       A- The answer to this question depends upon the student. A student may be involved as                         much or as little as he/she would  like. Typical involvement  for a lead role would be every                 rehearsal for the duration of the process. This is usually  Monday through Friday 3:30 pm -                 6:30 pm; and some saturdays; and required hourly committment for work parties (nearly                   every Saturday 8 am to 5 pm - come and go as needed. Just log in the hours). In order to                   letter, or  become a thespian member take a look at the requirements on the Thespian tab.