Open Auditions 

Dates - November 19 (vocals sign up)    VOCAL SIDES (ensemble coming soon)

                                20 (dance) 

                                21 (acting)                  ACTING SIDES

                                25 (callbacks) CALL-BACK SIDES (available Soon)

                  ****Young men and women are welcomed to audition for a variety of roles****

Audition Specifics:       

           Vocals  - select own 5 minute slot **

                              Log in with your BSD account you should be able to access everything.

                            (Dress to impress - Dress professionally)

                 Headshots will be taken at the time (arrive 20 minutes early)

           Acting - Begins 3:00 pm

                          Ends 6:30 pm *

          Dance- Warmups - 2:45 pm - Bring your tap shoes if you have them.

                     Dress to move.

                         Audition  - 3:15 pm Ends 6:30 pm* 

           Call-Backs -2:45 pm - Ends 6:00 pm*

        *Please clear schedule no early departures.

          Must attend all Auditions to be considered.

Audition location - Southridge HS Theatre

Roles Available:  10-15 men; 10-15 women

                   (includes singing/dancing ensemble - this cast is as flexible as we                      can be)

Audition forms online form 

             -  complete prior to vocal auditions (Even if you auditioned for                             Shrek Jr. ) Bring it to Fewer earlier if you can. 

              - Provide the most current accurate information available.

**Vocal Auditions: Must arrive 15 - 20 minutes early to take headshot in          black box. Dress to Impress

Audition Acting sides  AVAILABLE SOON. 

Vocal Tracks ALL ENSEMBLE Tracks will be available here. Others are available online. See Mr. Fewer or Mrs. Rikli for more information.

TECH APPLICATION  There will be a rigorous interview and practical assessment for this production that will correspond with the audition process. 

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