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The 2nd Annual

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December 6 (6:30 pm) begins the 24 hour process. 

All participants will be in the high school theatre/building for the entire 24 hours.

Food will be provided (dinners, snacks, breakfast, & lunch).

       'Mom'luck style.

Parent Chaperones needed for the entire 24 hours as well.

Synopsis - The Southridge High School classes of 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 go head-to-head and race against the clock to write, direct, tech, costume, and stage an original one act production for judges from the school and community to earn the one act festival trophy for this one of a kind - A True 24 Hour Play Festival.  

Each Class (2020-2023) will compile a team of actors, technicians, stage managers, and crew from their graduating class that will work to develop a completely original staged production based randomly drawn topic that coincides with the season theme. The playwright, cast and crew will have 24 hours to completely write, direct and tech the production and prepare it for performance to a paying audience and a team of judges from the school and community to earn awards presented the night of the production.

The Catch - The new process has the entirety of all four casts sequestered in the Southridge Performing Arts wing for the full 24 hours (7:00 pm until performance closes the next evening). These theatre kids have wanted to stay in the theatre overnight... now is their chance