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Council Chair

Usually a returning Junior or Senior With Board experience (not required)

- Must be a Thespian in Good Standing and uphold thespian creed 

- Oversees board meetings and thespian meetings

- Acts as the Point Representative of Thespian Troupe 6012. Maintains communication with Principal             and Activities Director

- Attends Student council Meetings as Representative (unless VP is appointed to do such)

- Keeping Sponsor posted of All Thespian Events, activites, board meetings and drama club     


- Responsible for communicating info from Oregon Thespians to Southridge Thespians (state,    


- Prominent involvement in our school's theatre activities and events (plays, state, regional's, work

            parties, meetings, classes)

- Stays aware of what is going on in the theatre community and the school

- Works hand in hand with thespian sponsor 

- Direct Liason between Sponsor and board

-Attends Leadership Summit in September and all Thespian President lunches (or sends delegate)

- Attends Back to School night with remainder of board to promote and recruit

-Attends Curriculum night- spring 

-Organizes the Curriculum night participation, club fair, and all other avenues of communication

- Supervises the theatre council and checks in frequrently

- Works with Council to develop TOTS program

- Attends Troupe thespian events and activities, and participates in state events

ALL Officers

-attend all meetings (board/general)

-maintain a solid GPA

- complete required grade checks

-maintain active thespian status through entire year

-develop 'pet project' with council 

-follow through on all commitments

-always represent SRHS Theatre

-adhere to Theatre Code of Conduct