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Myself, Mrs Rikli and Kristy (tap) want to let you all know that this audition was fabulous. I for on was absolutely blown away by how difficult it was to make the final decision. However, as you know, based upon the Ensemble vocals, solo vocals, tap and jazz auditions and acting and finally call backs, our decisions were made more difficult with ever turn. There are some pleasant surprises that we have discovered in this cast. I thought we were in for a 'rebuilding year' and guess what, we are stronger than ever. THANK YOU FOR THAT!

You will find the audition results here, and if you can not load it up, you can go to the school and it is posted on the auditorium lobby entrance window. 

Remember, If can be happy or you can be disappointed, but remember, there will be those that feel the opposite. So  DON'T GLOAT if you are excited. DON'T POUT if you are not in the role you want or at all.  You can be excited or disappointed, but you need to remember others in the program and those who auditioned. Be proud of each other and support each other. 

If you want to discuss our choices, you will need to wait for 6 weeks to ask. You may discover the answers you are seeking in that time. 

Script will be available on Monday 12:30 pm. Please come sign for and pick up your script and pick up your Contract from Mr. Fewer in the Black Box. 

There will be a link provided here to accept the role available tomorrow. I am as tired  as you all are. I am so excited. 

Also the online audition form should have your conflicts scheduled for January through March. DO NOT ADD ANY conflicts for January through March. This includes auditioning for other productions, or agree to another commitment (band, choir, theatre, Dental appts and all are included- remember orthodontist are scheduled way in advance due to the windows), as this is respectful to this cast, its director and crew.  Miss no rehearsals as explained in the production contract as well (available on Monday). 


First read through/Sing through Tuesday December 3, 3:00 -6:00 pm 

Parent Meeting December 4, 6:00 pm  Black Box

First Dance Rehearsal Thursday December 5 - 3:00 - 6:00 pm